The 2019 Team of Lifeguards and Instructors

    Name Position Duties
    JulienAllard Julien Allard Pool Manager
    RobertZajdler Robert Zajdler Assistant Manager Head Swim Team
    CatherineLeblanc Catherine Leblanc Assistant Manager Head Leaders
    HannahLongMetcalfe Hannah Long-Metcalfe Senior Supervisor Head Synchro
    MeghanMcKee Meghan McKee Senior Supervisor Swim Team
    AlexPopescu Alex Popescu Senior Head WaterPolo
    MathieuGeoffroy Mathieu Geoffroy Senior Head Diving
    KiaraMorinville Kiara Morinville Senior Swim Team
    NatalieWeber Natalie Weber Senior Sychro
    SarahDubois2 Sarah Dubois Senior Swim Team
    NickDoskas2 Nick Doskas Intermediate WaterPolo
    EmmaPopescu2 Emma Popescu Intermediate Diving
    A cartoon lifeguard boy smiling. Rafael Almeida Intermediate Swim Team
    SarahO Sarah Olive Junior Synchro
    StefReeves Stefanie Reeves Junior WaterPolo
    LifeGuardTemp Emma Geoffroy Junior Synchro
    LifeGuardTemp Chloe Nifakis Junior Diving
    NickB Nick Brodbeck Junior Swim Team
    Jenna Jenna Bennett Instructor Synchro
    AnnaA Anna Assouline Instructor Dive Lessons/Team
    LifeGuardTemp Laura Frederick Instructor Junior-Junior & Swim Team
    MegW Megan Willar Part-time Instructor Junior-Junior & Swim Team

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