Day: Mondays thru Thursday 8h15 to 10h55
Night: Tuesdays and Thursdays 18h, 18h30 & 19h
Private: Available at extra cost

Cedar Park Pool offers fully certified Olympic Way swimming lessons. Within the Olympic Way program, children of all ages will learn the fundamentals of the four strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and front crawl. Levels begin at White and become progressively more advanced. There are two sessions of lessons, 4 weeks each, report cards are given at the end of each session. If you do not know the level your child should be placed in, please ask one of our staff members and they will test your child before lessons begin. Please note that the Moms & Tots lesson is also available at Cedar. More Information on Swimming Levels can be accessed here: Olympic Way Swim Levels at Cedar


Diving lessons are offered to children who have completed the green level in swimming lessons. Our diving lesson program helps build basic diving skills for children, many of whom eventually participate on our diving team. More Information on Diving Levels can be accessed here: Cedar Diving Levels


Water polo lessons are offered to children who have completed the green level in swimming lessons. Our water polo lesson program teaches children basic water polo skills and introduces the game sense needed to eventually play on one of our water polo teams.


Synchro lessons are offered to children who have completed the green level in swimming lessons. Our synchro lesson program helps build basic synchro skills for children, many of whom eventually participate on the synchro team.


Swim Team:

Our swim team builds on what is taught in swimming lessons. Practice emphasizes building endurance, starts, turns, and stroke improvement. Members of the swim team compete in weekly swim meets against other pools on Wednesday nights and every child receives a ribbon for each race. Swim Team is divided into 5 different age categories: 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and 15 plus. Wednesday night swim meets are very special, the atmosphere and team spirit is felt by all who participate, come out and experience a swim meet at Cedar.

JrJr Swim Team:

This program is FUN, games and toys are used to encourage the younger swimmers to participate and practice their swimming skills.

Masters Team:

Cedar Park Pool offers a Masters program for adults with all different levels of swimming experience. Coaches focus on stroke improvement and endurance. Members of our Masters swim team may also participate against other Masters teams in swim meets with other ALPS pools.

Dive Team

Our diving team builds up basic diving skills and introduces our experienced divers to more advanced techniques. The divers develop the list of dives and the proper skills necessary to compete in weekly dive meets. Weekly meets are held on Sunday mornings.

Waterpolo Team

Our water polo teams focus on the proper skills needed to play this challenging game. Our teams compete against the other ALPS pools in weekly games.

Synchro Team

Our synchro teams focus on creating routines and emphasizing proper technique and skill to compete against all of the other ALPS pools at the ALPS Synchro Team Finals.


Aqua Fitness

Our Aquafit program offers a great way to exercise and stay in shape over the summer with qualified leaders and fun music.

Babysitting during Auqafit

At Cedar we try and offer babysitting during Auqafit, this program depends on the number of children registered in the teen category and is done on a voluntary basis.


This program is for adolescents. It fosters group spirit and teaches leadership skills by helping around the pool, fundraising and through social activities. Weekly meetings take place at the pool.

Bronze Cross & Medallion

These courses are offered for those aged 13 and over to teach basic lifeguarding skills. It is a necessary step for anyone seeking to become a lifeguard. Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive formal certification from the Lifeguarding Society.

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