Canteen Open Hours:
– Monday to Thursday 9h->16h & Friday 10h45->14h45
– All home events – Swim Meets, Dive Meets, Water polo Games, Beluga Days, Special Events etc. (Depending on Volunteers for this)

At Cedar our canteen is run by volunteers / We really need help !!

List of duties:

Canteen Manager
Canteen Volunteer Coordinator
Cleanup and setup Team
Pre-season shoppers
Weekly shoppers
Menu preparation & pricing (Set prices for the season, create, print documentation and menus)
Guard Tab controller – Provide log sheets, make calculations and report amounts to treasurer.
Special Events planner
Canteen Laundry & Cleaning Supplies – hand towels, wash cloths, sponges, soaps, broom, dust pan etc.
TCBY manager – ordering, stock checking
Money manager – Daily money collection / Envelopes & Cash Deposit Slips, Floats as needed.
Occasional shift volunteers (mornings, lunch time, evenings, weekends or during events)
Candy Bag assembly team (we make 100s of candy bags each year)
End of summer Cleanup & Shutdown Team

Weekly stock shopping includes:
– Soda, Water
– Juice, Gatorade
– Milk, Cream, Chocolate Milk
– Freezies, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Muffins
– Coffee, Tea, Chips, Popcorn
– Grilled Cheese, Bagels & Toast
– Popcorn, Chips, Rice Crispy Snacks, Granola Bars, Fruit Snacks
– Dads Cookies, Pogos & Pizza Pockets …
Occasional stock shopping includes: (Club Entrepot Lasalle & MMs)
– Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Buns, Ketchup, Mustard, Relish etc
– Candies, Airhead Belts, Skittles, Chocolate Bars, Sour Keys etc
– Plates, Coffee Cups, Lids, Napkins, Cutlery
– Wax paper bags, Zip locks, Tinfoil …
Special Events
-Supplies – Wine glasses, beer cups, table cloths, Large plates, napkins
-Food coordinator – menus, pricing, shopping …

Event Volunteering

Home Swim meets Wednesday nights
Home Dive meets Sunday mornings
Home Waterpolo games
Special Lunches, Breakfasts ie Pizza Day, Leaders Hot dog Day
Beach Party / Calyspso Family Dance / Adult Party
Year-end Events, Awards Night, Special Events, Swim-a-thon

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